3 Preview your questions

Having written your question you will want to know how it looks to the student. Alongside the question name in the question bank under each category are a series of icons.

The preview icon will allow you to try the question. The system tries to apply 'intelligent' initial settings for you to test your question but you are given full control of how you preview the question using the 'Change options' settings.

3.1 Question preview options

The Question variant field is also available for the Variable numeric trio of questions.

If you wish to amend your question you may go back to the question editing form by clicking on the edit iconEdit icon .

And if your question isn't at all what you intended the delete icon Delete icon will remove it.

Please note:

  • if you accidentally delete a question that is part of an iCMA, Moodle will hide the question and not delete it - you can show it again with 'Also show old questions'.
  • Moodle is backed up daily but the backup is really in case there is a catastrophic emergency and we have to build our systems again somewhere else.
  • if you're worried about the odd question or two being accidentally deleted the easiest reassurance is to take your own copy. It's straightforward to export your questions to a file. The export link is in the Question bank links in the Website administration block.Be sure to choose Moodle XML format, download the xml file that is created and store it safely.

Requirements for summative iCMAs

Steps 2 and 3 of the summative iCMA workflow (elsewhere on this website) require authors and reviewers to test all questions thoroughly using this preview facility.

2.10 Including TeX and MathML

4 Tips and Tricks