1.5 Grade

The Grade section of the iCMA definition form

1.5 The timing section of the iCMA definition form

Grade category: The category in the Gradebook under which the iCMA is listed.

Attempts allowed: For a formative assessment it is likely that you will wish students to attempt the assessment as often as they feel necessary both immediately after studying the associated text or as a revision exercise prior to examinations. Consequently for formative assessments 'Unlimited attempts' is a sensible setting.

For an assessed assessment the correct setting is '1'.

Advanced settings

These settings are set to the OU defaults and are rarely changed.

Grading method: Default OU setting = Highest grade. This setting controls what is sent to the Moodle Gradebook. Moodle keeps the scores on all attempts and can therefore offer a variety of grading modes. For an iCMA that forms a formal part of a student’s module marks, students can make only one attempt and hence all of Moodle’s ‘Grades’ give identical results. For formative iCMAs perhaps it is best if ‘Highest grade’ is always used.