4.4  In conclusion

Table 4.1 summarises what you should know about the routes and sites of administration of the EPI antibacterial and antiviral vaccines.

Table 4.1  Summary of routes of administration and injection sites of the EPI vaccines.

VaccineRoute of administrationInjection site
OPV and rotavirus vaccine (RotarixTM)OralNone (given by mouth)
BCGIntradermal (ID)Outer upper right arm
MeaslesSubcutaneous (SC)Outer upper arm
Pentavalent (DPT-HepB-Hib)Intramuscular (IM)Outer left upper thigh
Tetanus toxoid (TT) for women of childbearing ageIntramuscular (IM)Outer upper arm
Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV10)Intramuscular (IM)Outer right upper thigh

4.3.2  Oral rotavirus vaccine

Summary of Study Session 4