5.2.3  Calculating required doses based on the immunization schedule

In addition to calculating the number of people in the target population, you also need to know the number of doses required in the EPI schedule in order to immunize everyone (total coverage). You learned about the EPI schedule in Study Sessions 2 and 3, but we repeat the key points in Table 5.2. We use the letters ‘dn’ to represent the number of doses in calculations.

Table 5.2  Vaccine schedule by age and number of doses.
VaccinesSchedule by ageNumber of doses in schedule (dn)
BCGAt birth1
PentavalentAt 6, 10 and 14 weeks3
Polio (OPV)At birth, 6, 10 and 14 weeks4
PCV10At 6, 10 and 14 weeks3
MeaslesAt 9 months1
Tetanus toxoidOn reaching childbearing age

Ideally all women of childbearing age should receive five doses of tetanus toxoid.

At least 2

  • If you have an estimated 200 surviving infants in your kebele, how many doses of pentavalent vaccine would be needed to complete the EPI schedule for all these children? Use the data on % of total population in Table 5.1.

  • The target population is 170 surviving infants, so you would need 510 doses to complete the EPI schedule for all of them, because each surviving infant should have three doses of pentavalent vaccine.

5.2.2  Calculating numbers in the target population

5.2.4  Immunization coverage targets