Summary of Study Session 5

In Study Session 5, you have learned that:

  1. Vaccine management is important because vaccines are easily damaged and they are very expensive.
  2. Accurate estimation of all stock requirements avoids shortages and prevents wastage from excessive orders; good vaccine stock management is essential to the smooth running of immunization sessions.
  3. There are three methods of estimating annual vaccine needs, based on:
    • size of the target population
    • previous consumption levels
    • size of immunization sessions.
  4. These methods can also be applied to estimates of other immunization supplies, such as diluents and injection equipment.
  5. It is essential to keep the EPI Vaccine and Injection Materials Stock Record up to date; this will help you to avoid stock shortages and stock wastage.
  6. It is good practise to organise stocks of vaccines, diluents, syringes, needles and safety boxes together in bundles.
  7. It is important to ensure that vaccine stocks do not fall below the recommended minimum level, or rise above the recommended maximum level, and that you order new supplies when the stock falls to the critical level.

5.5.4 Calculating the critical stock level (or ‘time to order’)

Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 5