6.2.4  Foam pads

A foam pad is a piece of soft foam that fits on top of the conditioned ice-packs in a cold box or a vaccine carrier (Figure 6.5). There are some cuts in the foam to allow vaccine vials to be inserted in the pad. During immunization sessions, the foam pad can be used as a temporary lid to keep unopened vaccines inside the carrier cool, while providing a surface to hold and protect opened vaccine vials and keep them cool (Figure 6.6). Vaccines are protected from heat damage during an immunization session if they are inserted in the foam pad above the ice-packs in the vaccine carrier.

Figure 6.5  The foam pad in a vaccine carrier has cuts to hold vials and vaccines during an immunization session. (Photo: Janet Haresnape)
Figure 6.6  Foam pad with vaccine vials inserted. (Source: WHO, 2004, as in Figure 6.1, p.8)

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