6.3.4  Thermometers

Figure 6.11  (a) Dial thermometer, and (b) stem thermometer. (Source: WHO, 2004, as in Figure 6.1, p.13)

A thermometer is an instrument for monitoring the temperature of your cold chain equipment — refrigerator, cold box or vaccine carrier. It enables you to adjust the temperature to the correct range for the storage and transport of vaccines.

At a Health Post, either a dial or a stem (bulb) thermometer may be used to monitor the equipment temperature. On a dial thermometer, the needle moves around the scale, pointing to plus (+) numbers when it is warmer, and to minus (–) numbers when it is colder (Figure 6.11a). On a stem (or bulb) thermometer, coloured fluid in the bulb moves up the scale as it becomes warmer, and down the scale as it becomes colder (Figure 6.11b).

  • What temperature is showing on the thermometers in Figure 6.9? Is this a safe temperature for the storage of liquid vaccines?

  • Both thermometers are recording a temperature of +5oC. This is safe for storing liquid vaccines, which should be maintained between +2oC and +8oC.

6.3.3  The shake test

6.4  How to load cold chain equipment