1.4  The Expanded Programme on Immunization

The Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) began in 1974 when the World Health Assembly pledged to ensure that all children in all countries receive life-saving vaccines. Each year, immunization now prevents more than 2.5 million deaths among children worldwide. An additional 2 million lives could be saved if available vaccines reached every child.

Ethiopia started the EPI in 1980 to reduce mortality and morbidity from vaccine-preventable diseases among children and mothers. The immunization coverage rate has been increasing since that time, but not as fast as the original target. The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) has prepared a plan to increase the immunization coverage rate to 80% of the population in 90% of the woredas (districts) in the country. Health Extension Practitioners like you can play a major part in the success of this plan.

1.3.5  Conjugate vaccines

1.4.1  Vaccine-preventable diseases in the EPI in Ethiopia