1.4.3  Increase the quality of immunization services

A successful immunization service has to be of high quality. This means that you must use safe injection practices, and all the required vaccines and other supplies must be available in good condition, and on a regular and timely basis. Poor quality vaccines will not prevent illness. Therefore, to improve the EPI, you need to keep the vaccines at the proper temperature, take good care of the injection equipment and ensure reliable vaccine stock control.

In Study Sessions 5–10, you will learn how to introduce and use quality assurance methods to improve the efficiency and quality of the immunization service at your Health Post

You also need to have good interpersonal communication, supportive supervision and skilled manpower to plan and conduct an effective immunization programme. By increasing your skills as a Health Extension Practitioner, you can play an important role in immunizing all the children in your area. Reaching every child should be your goal.

1.4.2  Increase and sustain high immunization coverage rates

1.4.4  Reduce missed vaccination opportunities and trace defaulters