1.4.5  Improve public awareness and community participation in immunization programmes

In the EPI, you are expected to improve public awareness through intensive, regular social mobilisation and health education campaigns, in order to:

  • maximise participation of community members in EPI activities
  • increase public demands for immunization and the vitamin A supplements that are routinely given to infants during the immunization programme.

The techniques for involving the whole community are described in the Module on Health Education, Advocacy and Community Mobilisation.

It is very important to involve the whole community, including political and religious leaders, through seminars, public meetings and direct contacts. You should aim to work with and fully utilise women’s groups, youth associations and idirs (self-help associations at village level), so that they support and help to promote the immunization service (see Study Session 9).

1.4.4  Reduce missed vaccination opportunities and trace defaulters

1.4.6  Ensure prompt reporting and improved control of vaccine-preventable diseases