2.2.6  Who should not get pentavalent vaccine?

A child who develops a severe reaction to the first vaccination should be referred to a higher level health facility immediately.

Do not give another dose of the pentavalent vaccine if a child develops any of these severe reactions to the first dose:

  • Severe allergic reaction (doctors call it anaphylaxis), which includes severe rash, breathing difficulty, signs of shock, weak and rapid pulse, dizziness or fainting.
  • Encephalopathy, (Enchephalopathy is pronounced ‘en-seff-ah-lopp-ah-thee’) which is a disease of the brain that presents with coma, decreased level of consciousness and/or prolonged convulsions, occuring within seven days of a pentavalent vaccination, and where the symptoms are not due to another identifiable cause.

2.2.5  Adverse events following pentavalent immunization and how to treat them

2.3  Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV10)