7.1  Importance of immunization safety

Immunization practice that is not safe affects not only the individual receiving the vaccine, but can also affect you and others in the community. Immunization injections are safe when the correct and potent vaccine is properly administered with sterile equipment that is subsequently disposed of safely.

Immunization safety includes the following components, which will be described in detail in the following sections of this study session:

  • vaccine quality and safety
  • injection safety
  • avoiding adverse events following immunization (AEFIs)
  • safe waste disposal.

The organisation of immunization sessions, good communication with parents, other caregivers, and the community, and the collection and monitoring of immunization data, are also crucial requirements for a safe and effective immunization programme. You will learn about immunization programme management in Study Session 8, communication and advocacy on immunization in Study Session 9, and techniques for monitoring your immunization programme in Study Session 10.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 7

7.2  Vaccine quality and safety