7.6  Safe waste disposal

The immunization programme should not put the community in any danger. Proper disposal of waste is an important issue and should always be planned from the very beginning. In particular, you need to plan how you will dispose of the used vials, ampoules, syringes and needles after an immunization session.

Disposal of medical waste is also taught in the Hygiene and Environmental Health Module, Part 2.

  • What other waste will need to be disposed of?

  • There will also be contaminated cotton swabs for cleaning the skin with alcohol or antiseptic before giving an injection, and pressed onto the injection site afterwards.

In this final section, you will learn about possible methods of disposing of waste safely. You may not have access to the best waste disposal method, so you may need to think about what innovations could be made to ensure that you keep the environment safe for the local community. You will need to select the most appropriate disposal method and site for the particular circumstances in your area.

7.5.5  Detecting and responding to AEFIs

7.6.1  Safety boxes