10.1.3  Immunization tally sheets

Tally sheets are forms on which health workers make a mark every time they administer a dose of vaccine. These are used as the basis for monitoring and making regular summary reports of vaccine use. Use a new tally sheet for each immunization session (Figure 10.4). The same tally sheet can be used to mark vaccines given to infants, and vaccines given to pregnant and non-pregnant women in the childbearing age group.

After you have immunized an infant, record the immunization in the EPI Registration Book and on the infant’s immunization card, and inform the mother which doses were given. On the tally sheet, place a mark next to the dose you have just given. Mark each vaccine dose given on the tally sheet immediately after giving it.

Figure 10.4  Sample tally sheet for recording immunizations. (Source: as in Figure 10.2)

After immunizing any woman, whether she is pregnant or not, record the immunization in the EPI Registration Book and on the woman’s immunization card, and mark it in the correct column of the tally sheet and the Vaccine Stock Register. If no card is available, rely on the woman’s history to tally the dose. For example, if a woman says she has received three doses in the past, tally the new dose as TT4, issue a new card for the woman and mark the card with the date.

Check that the tally sheet is complete at the end of a session. Add up the number of doses of each vaccine that you have given during the session, and check that the number of doses given ‘tallies’ (matches) the number recorded in your EPI Registration Book. You will use this information to monitor your performance and to prepare your monthly Summary Report (described in Section 10.6) to your supervisor and the woreda health office. Keep the tally sheets so that your supervisor can check the data quality (accuracy of reporting).

Common mistakes during tallying

The common mistakes that can occur on tally sheets are summarized in Table 10.1.

Table 10.1  Common mistakes during tallying an immunization session.
Possible mistake Possible problem that may occurCorrect practice
Tallying before the vaccine is administeredThe child or woman may not receive the vaccineGive the dose first, then mark on the tally sheet
Tallying at the end of a session according to the number of doses remaining in the opened vials‘Wasted’ doses may be counted as being givenTally each dose as it is given
Tallying all vaccines under one age group (including those outside the targeted age)Inaccurate immunization coverage data Tally separately for infants under one year and those over one year old

10.1.2  The EPI Registration Book

10.2  Monitoring EPI indicators