10.6.1  What data should the Summary Report contain?

The Summary Report from your Health Post should include the following information:

  • Vaccinations and vitamin A supplements given to infants and women. Data collected on the tally sheets should be organised clearly (see the sample monthly report forms shown in Appendix 10.1 and 10.2 at the end of this study session).
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases in your area. State the number of cases of each vaccine-preventable disease and the immunization status of each case. Even if there are no cases of a disease during the reporting period, you should still provide a ‘zero’ report.
  • Adverse events following immunization (AEFI). If there have been any adverse events during the month, the details of any that are life-threatening, resulted in hospitalisation, disability (or have the potential to result in disability), or resulted in death should be reported. If there are no cases, provide a ‘zero’report.
  • Vaccine usage and wastage patterns. The usage and wastage of vaccines will vary from one session to another. However it is useful to monitor wastage and usage patterns regularly at all immunization sessions, in order to improve supply and avoid stock shortages. This can be done by recording the number of vaccine vials at the start and end of every session, and the number of vials received or wasted each month.

    Vaccine supply and stock management were described in detail in Study Session 5.

  • Any specific problems encountered during the reporting period (e.g. stock shortages, transportation problems, cold chain failure, etc.).

10.6  Making immunization Summary Reports

10.6.2  Preparing good Summary Reports