10.6.2  Preparing good Summary Reports

You should ensure that the Summary Reports you prepare on your immunization service are:

  • Complete: Ensure all the sections of the reports have been completed; no parts have been left blank and all reports due from outreach sites or mobile teams have been received.
  • Timely: When reports are sent and received on time, there is a greater possibility of a prompt and effective response to any problems you have identified.
  • Accurate: Before sending the reports, check the totals and all calculations to make sure that the reported figures correspond to the actual figures in the tally sheets, the EPI Registration Book and the immunization cards. This helps you to evaluate the accuracy of your recorded data and identify and resolve any discrepancies. The district, provincial and national levels should keep track of the completeness and timeliness of reporting at your level, and remind you about any missing or late reports.

10.6.1  What data should the Summary Report contain?

10.7  In conclusion