V01p: Sharing ideas: developing wikis

Course information


You will need access to:

  • a computer with a web browser
  • a class/group of pupils – groups could be within classes, whole classes, or groups across classes (e.g. clubs) and schools (e.g. clusters of schools or in collaborative projects).

Duration of the course: 20 hours over eight weeks

  • Online total: 13 hours
    • individual: 9 hours (e.g. reading, doing quiz, editing personal wiki)
    • collaborative: 4 hours (e.g. forum discussion, editing communal wiki).
  • Offline total: 7 hours
    • face-to-face: none
    • workplace: 5 hours (setting up and using wiki with pupils)
    • independent study: 2 hours (supplementary reading, reflection and documenting evidence for future accreditation).

Learning outcomes