2.6 Resourcing

Ideally, partnerships will be developed in response to an identified need and then resourced accordingly – this is the model on which the Building Partnerships Map is based. In this idealised model, the partnership will have been established proactively and, in order to carry out activities, partners must identify and secure funding and other resources, such as equipment, people’s time, etc. (Figure 2). In reality, due to the nature of development interventions, partnerships in the development sector are often formed due to a funding opportunity, perhaps provided by a donor, to carry out certain work. The Building Partnerships Map can, in this case, be used flexibly to consider resourcing in building a partnership.

Diagram of an oval shape with the text ‘Resources’ in the centre and arrows going out to four illustrations: Car, silhouettes of three people, clock, five currency notes with different currency symbols on them
Figure 2: Resources

2.7 Implementing