3.1 Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses refer to factors in the internal environment of the project.

Table 1 Strengths
Such as ExampleTypical questions
Competences and skillsOutstanding expertise in basic healthcare training

What do you do better than anyone else?

What makes you unique?

What unique or lowest-cost resources can you draw upon that others can’t?

What do people in your market see as your strengths?

What makes you agile and/or flexible?

ResourcesHighly skilled and motivated workforce
AttributesGood brand image and reputation
KnowledgeEstablished community network with excellent understanding of local context
DataFacts and figures about customers/beneficiaries and their behaviour or preferences
Table 2 Weaknesses
Such as lack ofTypical questions

Competences and skills





What could you update or improve?

What should you avoid?

What are things that users/clients/beneficiaries/partners might see as weaknesses or cause for complaint?

What critical resources can’t you provide – do you have sufficient cash flow?

Are the timescales achievable?

3 The four components of SWOT analysis

3.2 Opportunities and threats