DIY Learn Trainers’ Handbook

1 What is DIY Learn?

Development Impact and You (DIY) is a set of practical tools to trigger and support social innovation. The DIY Toolkit, available as individual downloadable templates, has been especially designed for development practitioners and social entrepreneurs to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can help them deliver increased positive social impact through their work.

DIY Learn is a set of modules that support a deeper understanding of how to get the most out of each DIY tool, and know where and when it is most appropriate and applicable. The modules have primarily been designed for learners to work through on their own, but this is not the only way in which they can be of value. This Handbook provides guidance on using the DIY Learn modules as a basis for group training in a classroom setting.

The DIY Learn modules are designed as online Open Educational Resources (OER) under a Creative Commons licence. This means that they are free to download, adapt and use within the terms and conditions of the licence. The online version of the modules can be found on the OpenLearn Works website, at openlearnworks/ DIYLearn [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] .

2 DIY Learn modules