Cape of Good Hope

The great dream that the Portuguese longing had been pursuing was about to come true: in August 1487, two caravels and a transport ship under the command of Bartolomeu Dias left with the pilots among the pilots Pêro de Alenquer, with the mission to continue further south, the exploration of the coast. In addition to the last pattern that Diogo Cão had raised after seeing the Serra dos Reis, they lost sight of the land and continued towards the south. So they sailed for a few days, until, to reach the coast again, they changed to the east and then to the north, having finally arrived at a bay.

Without knowing it, they had turned the tip of Africa and were already sailing in Indian waters. Towards the north, they sailed a few more days, but a tired crew forced the return. They see the Cape Good Hope coming, who had folded, without seeing it, and in December 1488 they entered the Tagus with the good news that the passage from the southeast, problematic until then, was a reality.

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