Ten steps to make a public speech

Ten steps to make a public speech

 Select your topic, purposes or thesis

Analyze your audience

Research your topic

Collect supporting materials

Develop your main points

Organize your speech materials

 Construct your introduction, transitions and conclusion

Select the vocabulary for your speech

Research your speech

Present your speech



Step 1

Select your topic

Specify your topic

Do a thesis

Step 2

Analyze you audience

Step 3 

Research your topic

Develop your research questions and identify key terms

Examine what you know

Begin with a general overview

Consult specific resources

Step 4

Collect all the supporting materials

Step 5

 Develop your main points

Step 6

Organize your materials

Main point I

A.      Supporting material for I

B.      Supporting material for II


Main point II

A.      Supporting material for II

B.      Supporting material for II

C.      Supporting material for II

Main point III

A.      Supporting material for III

B.      Supporting material for III

Step 7

 Construct your introduction conclusion and transitions


Gain listeners attention

Establish connections with yourself and the topic

Considering the audience


Summarize your ideas

Motivate the audience

End your speech


Make sure that passing to another subject it has coherence

Connect each main point to the rest

Connect your last point to your conclusion

Step 8

According to the audience do your word choice

Step 9

Rehearse your speech

Step 10

Present the speech






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