Positioning the Eyebrows, Ears, and Nose and Mouth

Positioning the Eyebrows, Ears, and Nose and Mouth

To proportionately position the eyebrows, ears, and nose, you must divide the face into thirds. The face is the area from the hairline to the chin. Therefore, you must first determine the location of the hairline.  

When you’re drawing a hairline, you must do so in proportion. Once you’ve determined the location of the hairline, draw a horizontal line through it.

Draw another horizontal line across the bottom of the chin. Then divide the area in between these two lines into four equal parts.

Right now you’ll be working with the middle section of this area.

Position the eyebrows just below the top line of the middle section. 

Draw the nose so it rests on the bottom line of the section.

Finally, draw the ears from the top to the bottom of this section, with the bottoms of the ears level.

Positioning the Mouth

To determine the position of the mouth in this section, divide 1/4 into two parts as shown in the figure below.

The line where the lips meet should rest on the line that’s half the distance from the nose to the chin.

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