Digital storytelling

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Read the following introduction to visual storytelling describing the approach followed in the ARCLIGHT project.

It is important to share positive practices through visual storytelling created by community members using modes of communication that they are comfortable with such as oral storytelling and pictures. Encourage participants to create stories of places that community members are familiar with and represent them, thus creating wider community engagement for the fun and enjoyment of seeing friends and family members in the narrative.

Digital Storytelling

There is great value in taking and sharing visual imagery, and their associated commentary but aim to go a step further and encourage participants to weave the imagery together into captivating and entertaining adventures, containing villains, victims and heroes. These can be in the form of narrated photostories. The aim is to encourage creativity and playfulness, so that the process of documenting and sharing community owned solutions to building mental health resilience is fun for both the individuals creating the visual stories, and the eventual community viewers. It is valuable to achieve stories which can be viewed and played over and over again by community members, not only to promote positive behaviours, but also because the stories are fun and entertaining. It is important to consider building capacity for engaging, participatory and playful visual storytelling. There is a growing trend to use storytelling to obtain information or to an intervention to bring about change. Stories are products of language; so many versions can be constructed and reconstructed to meet the situations encountered. Storytelling allows participants to talk about their experiences and to take ownership of their stories. Stories are guided by memory, hopes and fears. Guyanese people derive great benefit from telling stories as
they feel storytelling contributes positively to their wellbeing.

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