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Questions in science (S111) is an introductory science module that encompasses astronomy and planetary science; biology; chemistry; Earth and environmental science; and physics. A series of questions, starting with ‘Can you make a hole in water? and ‘How do you know what is alive?’, teaches scientific thinking. You will undertake a significant number of practical experiments, both ‘hands-on’ in your own home and online. S111 also develops generic study skills and maths skills.

S111 is the Stage 1 introductory module in the Open University's Natural Sciences qualification pathway. Alternatively, you may be studying it as part of an Open qualification.

In order to study S111 successfully you need to be sufficiently prepared. This module is delivered entirely online, so you need access to a computer linked to the internet and you need some basic numeracy skills and an ability to read and write to a good standard in English. It would also be valuable to have some basic science general knowledge. You will also need enough time - a minimum of 16-18 hours per week - for studying S111.

Are you ready for S111? is a set of five short tests, each with a set of self-assessment questions, designed to help you decide whether you are sufficiently prepared to start studying this module. When you have completed the quiz you will be given a summary of your performance and some general feedback about whether S111 is a sensible choice for you at the present time, or whether you need to either engage with some additional preparatory work before S111 begins, or consider studying an Open University Access module before attempting S111 (you can learn more about Access modules via this link).

You'll notice that the grading method for each quiz is "highest grade". This means that you can retake the quiz as many times as you like, and the system will remember your highest marks. However, if you just repeat the quizzes until you get 100%, you'll miss out on useful feedback about whether you're ready to start S111.

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