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Roast Beef

Updated Wednesday 27th April 2005

Ever Wondered About Food discovers the secrets of roast beef

Alan and Kathy share a joint of beef Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission

Sunday lunch just wouldn’t be the same without it - Ever Wondered looks at that most traditional of British dishes, Roast Beef.

How did roast beef become the symbol of Olde England when it was strictly off the menu for all except the well-heeled until the middle of the 20th century? And for the perfect joint - why should you always plump for meat that’s been aged?

In the kitchen, Alan Coxon prepares a roast with a twist, using some unconventional ingredients, while Kathy Sykes explains the special reaction that browns your beef and why the temperature you cook at can make the difference between a joint that’s tough as old boots and one that melts-in-the-mouth.


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