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Investigating Psychology

Updated Monday 8th December 2014

Investigate the conceptual and historical issues in Psychology with this interactive feature.

Investigating Psychology is a tool to enable you to explore the development of psychological thinking not only across time, but also within the context of social, conceptual and historical changes; the development and application of different perspectives and methods; and through chains of influence between researchers.


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Play in full-screen mode, select the 'Start Investigating Psychology' link and open the feature in a new browser tab.

What are we missing?

It is our hope that the Investigating Psychology resource will continue to grow over the years, so if there is a person, context, perspective or method that you feel should be included, please email us with a description and the reasons for its inclusion. Thank you.

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Health, Sports & Psychology 

Debate: Phantom limbs

Inspired by the 2003 Reith Lecture series, The Open University's Dr Terry Whatson posed a question for discussion.


Health, Sports & Psychology 

Children and the Internet

What impact has the internet had on children’s lives? How has the arrival of the internet changed children’s exposure to media? As a reflection of society, the web exposes children to many of the same issues they encounter in everyday life but its easy accessibility means that this is amplified. Along with being an incredible resource with numerous benefits come concerns about its long term effects on child psychology.

40 mins

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Making Faces

Open University cognitive psychologist Graham Pike describes how his interest in facial compositing has led to a collaboration resulting in a computer based tool, called Efit V. This tool might transform the process of identifying police suspects. It is being developed to allow law enforcement agencies to produce images of criminal suspects at very short notice at crime scenes revolutionising the process of identification. To find out more, follow the research links.

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Starting with psychology Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission free course icon Level 1 icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Starting with psychology

The most 'important and greatest puzzle' we face as humans is ourselves (Boring, 1950, p. 56). Humans are a puzzle, one that is complex, subtle and multi-layered, and it gets even more complicated as we evolve over time and change within different contexts. When answering the question 'what makes us who we are?' psychologists put forward a range of explanations about why people feel, think and behave the way they do. Just when psychologists seem to understand one bit of 'who we are' up pops some new evidence to show a different side! It is not easy to pin down all the many influences. This free course, Starting with psychology, makes a start.

Free course
5 hrs

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