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Free course: Smart cities

Updated Thursday 2nd July 2015

If you're exploring how data and technology helps establish a smart city, these additional resources will help take your learning further. 

Night shot of London - a smart city Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Getty images Cities are incubators of innovation and opportunities but they also face great challenges such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and inequality. How can smart cities address these challenges and become more resilient? And what role will people play in the design and planning of our smart cities? If you're interested in exploring what makes a city smart, look no further than OpenLearn where we have collated material to help develop your understanding. 

Whether you're taking this free course on FutureLearn or would like to view a variety of related content on OpenLearn, we've gathered a range of academic articles, videos, podcasts and relevant free courses to support your learning and give you a wider perspective on this fascinating subject.

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