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Languages at Work


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In this unit, you will learn how to understand differences in culture and how to make the most of your existing language skills. This will be helpful to you whenever you work with someone whose native language is foreign, or when you go to another country and work as a foreigner yourself. You do not need any knowledge of foreign languages in order to begin.

There are eight sections. You can choose which ones you want to study and you can work through them in any order.

  • Section 1: Languages in the world – an exploration of the status in the world of the English language and other widely-spoken languages.

  • Section 2: Why study languages? – reviews the advantages of studying languages and refutes some common preconceptions (such as that everyone speaks English anyway).

  • Section 3: Foreign communication – an exercise in understanding and communicating, without needing to be fluent.

  • Section 4: Selling your language skills – how to present your language skills in a CV and at a job interview.

  • Section 5: World tour – an exploration of the diversity of cultures across the world.

  • Section 6: Let's eat! – some examples of what people eat in different countries, starting with Britain.

  • Section 7: Etiquette, please – how to be polite when meeting and greeting.

  • Section 8: 24! – daily routines and working lives across the world.

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