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Systems in action: Hard questions, soft answers

Updated Wednesday 18th May 2005

Systems thinking can help give some soft answers to hard questions

Hard Questions, Soft Answers - part 1

"When we think about systems now we are really in an era where computer programs are much more complex and there isn't actually one program but multiple programs that interact."

Hard Questions, Soft Answers - part 2

"The biggest distinction probably between a program and a system is that I run the program, it does its job and then it's done. When I run a system, I get it started and it has to keep on running."

Hard Questions, Soft Answers - part 3

"The idea I had was that what these systems were trying to be like is something like what cells do in living organisms, when you have just the simplest principle in all of its different possibilities to be able to get an almost unbounded amount of complex structure."


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