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Productive Margins: Regulation for Engagement

Updated Wednesday 7th August 2013

Connecting communities in Bristol and South Wales to co-produce new forms of engagement in decision-making across politics, policy and the arts.

Productive Margins logo Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Productive Margins Productive Margins: Regulation for Engagement describes itself as a "new and exciting programme of research [which] asks: What would happen if diverse communities and academics came together to re-shape engagement, to work creatively with ideas that touch on society, law, history and art? Can research release the creativity, knowledge and passions of communities at the margins of power to co-produce new forms of engagement and decision-making?"

It was initiated by researchers, scientists & educators and encourages people to participate through research & learning. Productive Margins: Regulation for Engagement is local in orientation and concerned with neighbourhood & community and research, knowledge production & information access.

It was launched in April 2013 and is ongoing.

This page is part of Participation Now, a project that brings together a diverse collection of participatory public engagement initiatives with the aim of supporting exploration, learning and engagement. Explore the collection of initiatives or read more about the project.


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