Astronomy for Development

Astronomy for Development
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      This course is designed to provide a helping hand to anyone who intends to submit an application to the Office of Astronomy for Development 's (OAD) Call for Proposals. It provides a brief introduction to Astronomy for Development and introduces the participant to the OAD project cycle, from needs analysis to monitoring and evaluation.

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    • Course learning outcomes

      • Understanding the concept of astronomy for development

      • Being able to compile a project plan for executing an astronomy for development intervention.

      • Familiarity with evidence libraries and resources that can be consulted in developing some project idea.

      • Understanding the value of assessments and/or other measures of impact.

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    Course reviews

      Ilaria Cristofaro

      Very useful

      Ilaria Cristofaro7 March 2019 11:35

      Nice and useful to think about developing an Astro4Dev proposal!

      Dennis Gharial

      Very informative course

      Dennis Gharial24 September 2018 1:47

      Aamna Saleem

      Excellent Course

      Aamna Saleem15 September 2018 4:57

      This course has really helped us with the Astro4Dev proposal!

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    About this course

    • 2 hours study
    • Level 1: Introductory
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    4.3 out of 5 stars

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