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Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2005

Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at cheese

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Ever Wondered brings you a slice of the history of cheese revealing the legend of it being accidentally discovered over 5,000 years ago by a nomad travelling across the desert with a saddle pack filled with milk. Also that Samuel Pepys made time to bury and save it from the Great Fire of London, and that the expression big cheese came from medieval times when a large round of cheese signified higher social standing.

Ever Wondered also looks at how processed cheese revolutionised the lunchbox, asks just why port is associated with stilton and finds out why artisan cheese has become so popular.

In the kitchen, Paul Merrett shows us an Italian twist on the cheese fondue, the science behind making a great sauce to give an ultimate macaroni cheese and a delicious ricotta and lemon cheesecake. He also reveals his private passion for having strawberry jam in his cheese sandwiches.





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