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Updated Friday, 9th April 2010
Explore the personal side of climate change with Jackie Orman's diary entry.

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Name: Jackie Orman

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

I have always felt closer to the natural world around me than to that of people. I first became aware of the conflict between the two as a teen ager when "Picture Post" published an account of the damage done to fish by the, then new, detergents filling the shops. I raised this with my father who was washing up at the time who replied to the effect that in his opinion the fish came a very poor second. About 20 years later my concern was reawakened by going out on a beautiful summer evening and finding that I could only smell traffic fumes from the ajacent main road.

What are you working on, concerned by, or motivated by at the moment?

I am trying to reduce my impact on the environment by reducing my energy use (also for financial reasons) and changing my lifestyle e.g. growing my own fruit & vegetables on an allotment and recycling what I can. As I am solitary by nature I am not involved with any environmental organization although in the past I have belonged to both the Conservation Society & Friends of the Earth

What do you anticipate working on, or thinking about, in relation to environmental issues over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

For the present I shall continue as I am doing. I hope in 5 years time not to be as financially stretched as I am at present and will perhaps be more able to support the organic movement believing that this will help by reducing chemical use and encouraging the consumption of locally produced food and so reducing food miles. As I am 71, 10 years ahead is a little too far to project.

How optimistic or pessimistic are you as you look at where we might be in 2020, and why?

At the moment fairly pessimistic. Too many people are denying any human input into climate change or even that it is more than a natural cyclic change. Given the time lag between damage occurring and the effect of it becoming apparant I think it is likely that by the time many people recognise that we have to change our way of living to a more environmentally friendly one major damage will have occurred. It is also very difficult in a democracy to pass unpopular legislation and remain in office.

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