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Author: Laura Dewis


Updated Tuesday, 9th August 2005

Toyah Willcox talks about using astrology in her daily life

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Toyah Willcox

I use astrology to get a feel, a kind of motive about the day. Often something happens when I think, "This isn’t me, this is external" and I can usually find the answer by studying the phases of the moon or using one of the astrologers I trust. I will read what they are saying about the influences that are occurring at the time, and then I’ll know that what is happening is not to do with me but rather outside influences.

I use astrology to help judge of character and I think that the twelve star signs are very good building blocks onto basic types of people. For example, say I was working with a Piscean, I just know that they’ll never make a decision. I mean that is a sweeping generalization, but I find it very valuable to know.

Psychologists I have met passionately disagreed that astrology has any scientific proof of working. I disagree with that. They can’t believe in anything outside scientific proof, but for me belief makes something happen. The basic fact that material that we’re made up from comes from the stars. Everything is influenced by the movement of the magnetic fields around us, and this is why I think astrology works."


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