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Author: Tony Buzan

Buzan on how to remember names and faces

Updated Sunday, 13th July 2008

Tony Buzan offers his advice on how to remember names and faces

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"If you really want to remember people’s names, make names your hobby" says Tony Buzan.

So why do we so often forget? Well there are are a variety of reasons says Tony. First off, we know we are likely to forget so we don’t really try. We don’t pay attention when someone gives their name, we don’t look them in the eye. We don’t concentrate.

Mike Bullivant chats to Tony Buzan

A name by itself is not much to go on and to remember it in the same way as we might want to remember anything else we need to use two things: Association and Imagination. If the person has an unusual or foreign sounding name you could ask for its origin. Or it might be similar to the name of another person you know.

Another thing you can do is ask the new person to repeat their name for you, then repeat the name yourself, and say their name again when you say goodbye. You could also check the spelling. Business cards are another key device. Don’t just accept them and push them into your pocket without a glance. Have a good look and leave the card on the table in front of you the whole time you are in a meeting.

Tony Buzan

Shape of face can also help you remember a person’s name :

Mr Bloom might have curly hair like a flower,
Mr Mapley might have a lined face like a map.

Again the idea is to make use of your powers of imagination and association to help you remember.

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