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Science and the Psychics - Quiz

Updated Sunday, 8 September 2019

Test your knowledge on psychic powers

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1. What is the name of the ability you would have if you could move objects by the power of your mind alone?


2. What is the name for statements used by fake fortune-tellers which sound like uncannily accurate character readings - but in fact apply to the majority of us.


3. Who claimed that he or she was psychically instrumental in helping England to score a goal during the last World Cup?


4. What is the name given to the overwhelming feeling that you've experienced your current situation before?


5. What does ESP stand for?


6. Which of the following claim to rely on "psychic" skills?


7. What is the general name given to all forms of parapsychological activity, such as telepathy or mind-over-matter?


8. When was the British Society for Psychical Research founded?


9. Which Noel Coward play features a ghost called Elvira?


10. And finally, which of these is the correct answer? We're not telling you the question - you'll need to use luck and psychic power to get it right...!


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