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World Toilet Day

Updated Thursday, 19th November 2020

Toilets save lives. We've compiled some resources to help raise awareness for the 2 billion people who do not have access to toilets and proper sanitation.

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Did you know?

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  • Around 1,400 children die every day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
  • 785 million people in the world live without safe water. This is roughly one in ten of the world's population.
  • 2 billion people live without sanitation; this is one in four of the world's population.

For more information, visit the WaterAid UK website.

Water in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, 65% of people don’t have access to clean drinking water. In this video collection we take a glimpse at the struggles Ethiopians go through each day, just to survive. We look closely at the different methods used to improve the quality of life in the rural highlands as well as the conflict between neighbouring farming villages attempting to share the same water supply. This material forms part of the OU course Environment: journeys through a changing world.

Watch this video collection

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