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Secret or sharing? Play our Privacy Game

Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2012
What information are you happy to share - and what will you keep to yourself? Our privacy game gives you the chance to gamble with data - safely...

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ministry of sharing promo image New and updated for 2015: play our latest game The Ministry of Sharing to find out - are you a safe sharer?

Are you the bee's knees when it comes to sharing the most interesting stuff on the web, or do you make people cringe when they see your posts on their Facebook newsfeed?

Watch the Ministry's snappy public service announcement and take the test to see whether you're a model internet icon 
or an outrageous over-sharer.

Play our Privacy game

The game below was originally produced in 2012, and is retained here for archive purposes.
For a more up to date exploration of a similar topic, try The Ministry of Sharing.

Have you ever thought about what your personal information might be worth?

Privacy refers to how we maintain our personal boundaries by choosing what personal information we share with others. This game is designed to highlight how privacy and consent work online.

Players make decisions about which information they reveal, who they reveal it to and why. For example, you may decide to trade some information for gifts when shopping on a website; or you may decide to keep other information secret when posting on a social networking site.

There are two ways to play...

Challenge your friends on Facebook One player game on OpenLearn

Challenge your friends on Facebook or play against the computer here on OpenLearn.


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