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Are you ready for postgraduate study?

This free course is for students interested in a postgraduate Open University module. If you have not yet enrolled on an OU postgraduate module, you will not be able to access this course. If you don't meet this criteria, but feel you would benefit from studying this course, please contact Alternatively, you should visit the public OU website to find out more about our modules.

There are many different reasons for and routes towards studying for a postgraduate qualification. You may have recently completed your degree, or maybe you graduated several years ago. Perhaps you have gained your expertise through practical experience and are new to academic learning. You may want to study in order to further your career, for personal reasons or possibly both. Whatever your background or motivation for studying, few learners start with all the skills they will need to study at this level.

First Published: 14/08/2018

Updated: 20/11/2019

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