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Introduction to Working with Young People: Track 1

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How does music help to engage disaffected or disadvantaged young people? How can taking to the streets help build rapport with the youth community? This album is packed with positive examples of youths who've turned their lives around with the help of youth workers. At Madcap Arts they build self-esteem through making music, and The Factory street project meets young people on their own ground and offers a chance for personal growth through exciting activities and teamwork. The tracks offer views from all perspectives, and the audio commentaries provide a clear overview, exploring what makes projects work successfully. The material on this album forms part of The Open University course E131 Introduction to working with young people.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 1 hour 30 mins
  • Updated Friday 24th April 2009
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under Childhood & Youth
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Track 1: Music at the Madcap Centre

Young people explore their musical abilities with Steve, a musician with a talent for working with young people..

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Music at the Madcap Centre    Young people explore their musical abilities with Steve, a musician with a talent for working with young people.. Play now Music at the Madcap Centre
2 Making Music Together    Recording a DJ set, designing a cd cover, and a guitar lesson. Behind the scenes the facilitators discuss the group's teamwork. Play now Making Music Together
3 Cooler than School    Learning is fun at the Madcap Centre -and James now has lots to show for it. Play now Cooler than School
4 Building Confidence    Callier's now got the self-esteem to do a live gig. Play now Building Confidence
5 Fulfilling the Dream    Dan's "got the hunger" to go much further! Play now Fulfilling the Dream
6 A song for a friend    Jackie has composed a very personal song, and performs it with Steve's help. Play now A song for a friend
7 The project worker's role    Steve's love of music inspires youngsters to have belief in their own creativity. Play now The project worker's role
8 A Madcap Graduate Returns    Gawaine's "sorted" - he's got a job here passing on his creative and technical knowledge. Play now A Madcap Graduate Returns
9 Education with a Difference    Sue Quinn on how the Project offers young people opportunities for personal growth and pride, as well as an informal arts education. Play now Education with a Difference
10 Streetwork    A small team of youth workers take to the streets to engage informally with the young men of the local Bengalicommunity. Play now Streetwork
11 Reaping the benefits    Kawsar 's fun experiences with The Factory have encouraged him to stop dossing and aim for a place at Uni. Play now Reaping the benefits
12 Getting Back on the Rails    Paul explains how the value of his relationship with his youth worker has been key to his success in growing up and keeping out of trouble. Play now Getting Back on the Rails
13 A youth worker's experience    Kasem talks about the issues he faces in his job, and how good communication and listening skills are essential. Play now A youth worker's experience
14 Working with a Youth Service    Akkas recounts the story of his involvement with The Factory Project, how it's led to better prospects, and how his Bengali ethnicity means he can bridge cultural gaps. Play now Working with a Youth Service
15 The Project Co-ordinator's perspective    Andrew Lake's story of initiating the project, to show young people how to make positive use of their time and help them eventually find their purpose in the wider community. Play now The Project Co-ordinator's perspective
16 Comparing the two projects    A look at the similarities between Madcap Arts and The Factory, and their approaches to working with young people. Play now Comparing the two projects
17 The Factory: academic perspective    An insight into an outreach project which works on the streets with hard-to-reach groups of youths. Play now The Factory: academic perspective
18 Madcap Arts : academic perspective    An all-round view of the Madcap Arts project and how it's set up to benefit disadvantaged youths using musical education. Play now Madcap Arts : academic perspective




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