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Tessy Mbofung on cultural values and expectations and the need for more awareness of race

Updated Wednesday, 22nd September 2021
Tessy Mbofung explains the challenges of her strong African cultural values and holding on to them in another culture in this short video collection
  1. Cultural values and expectations: In this video, Tessy explains the challenges of her strong African cultural values and the expectations upon her and the challenges to fit into another culture whilst holding onto her values.


  1. The need for more awareness of race: in this video, Tessy explains that she has seen colleagues from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background being undervalued and treated unfairly, explaining there is a need to build a culture where people talk freely about race.


  1. Not just about having black faces: in this short video Tessy focuses on the recruitment of a diverse workforce and the need to empower them to have a voice.


  1. Hidden Burdens: in this video Tessy explains how her responsibilities go further than her immediate family and describes some of the hidden burdens she has to deal with, calling for a need for greater understanding of colleagues towards each other.

* Warning: the video includes descriptions of extreme violence*


  1. People are different: in this video, Tessy acknowledges how touched she was when a colleague reached out to her supportively around Black History Month but continues to explain that there are challenges for colleagues who may have a language barrier, and are judged by other colleagues.





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