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Facilitating learning in practice

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Are you interested in mentorship or looking to develop your mentorship skills? In particular, are you involved in nurse mentorship? If so, then this free 8-week course is for you.

The course explores the principles and best practices underpinning mentorship. The authors draw on their experience in nursing to help you develop your knowledge, understanding and skills of mentorship practice that can be applied to many workplace environments.

For practising nurses, this course also contributes towards The Open University's Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) approved Mentorship programme, which you can register for online at The Open University website. Please note that this course is based on the NMC (2008) 'Standards to support learning and assessment in practice'. If organisations have moved to the NMC (2018) 'Standards for student supervision and assessment in practice' then this course cannot be used to justify preparation or appointment for the Practice Supervisor or Practice Assessor role.

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