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Foundations for self-directed support in Scotland

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Foundations for self-directed support in Scotland

Welcome to this free OpenLearn course, Foundations for self-directed support in Scotland, developed by The Open University with the support of the Scottish Government. If you are interested in the rapidly changing context of health and social care in Scotland – and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, as well as internationally – then this informative and thought-provoking course is for you.

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 came into force in April 2014. This course will help you understand the origins of this legislation, the principles that it is based on and its potential to enable citizens to become active participants in designing, selecting and using care and support services.

We have recently updated and improved this course so that it considers self-directed support for both children and adults. If you had already begun to study the previous edition of the course you will see some other changes. These include the order in which you study sessions and the general look and feel of the website. Study materials about adults and self-directed support are substantially the same as in the previous edition, so your previous study should not be adversely affected. You may need a short time to adjust to changes to navigating the new website. If you need advice about this please contact our Learning Development Team, and they will be able to offer further guidance.

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First Published: 07/07/2014

Updated: 11/10/2016

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