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Hospital: The cost of treatment

Updated Wednesday, 12th July 2017

As new treatments come on stream, some carry a huge price tag. Closing the gap between what's possible, and what's affordable, is a challenge for the staff, and patients, of the Hospital.

Crowdfunding cancer treatment

44-year-old Nicky from Devon has travelled to receive NHS treatment not available at her local hospital. Nicky has ovarian cancer, which has relapsed. To extend her life, she needs a radical operation to remove it. Professor Christina Fotopoulou is one of the few NHS surgeons in the country to offer this potentially life-prolonging surgery. Nicky also wants to take a promising drug to fight her cancer but it is currently only available on the NHS once she has had three courses of chemotherapy, and she is only just about to start her second. So she is attempting to crowdfund the £60,000 needed to buy the drug herself.

Going private

Mary is in hospital for a lump on her lung that is cancerous and is having it removed. Rex discusses the difference between the Private services and the NHS.




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