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Chasing Perfection: How do athletes become champions?

Updated Tuesday 17th November 2015

In this collection of eight videos sporting legends including Michael Johnson, AP McCoy, Dame Sarah Storey and more outline the techniques used to take gold several times.  

Chris Hoy in the velodrome Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Moment/ Channel 4 How does a 'good athlete' train to become the best in their sport and take to the podium time and time again to become a 'serial champion'? The likes of Michael Johnson, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Chris Hoy, AP McCoy, Dame Sarah Storey and more outline their determination and mindset in these videos.

Also, how can athletes train their mind to focus on their sport? Sports psychiatrist, Steve Peters, discusses his techniques.

What about recovery? Sir Dave Brailsford, who coached GB cycling to 8 Olympic Golds, and others talk about the importance of sleep. There's also exploration into recovery from injuries from key people at Saracens.

And finally, given the advances in sports science, what can we expect from the future of sport? Select from the videos below. 


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