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Postgraduate study in psychology and criminology

Updated Tuesday, 13th October 2020

Explore our postgraduate modules in criminology and psychology, and their related FREE OpenLearn courses.

The Open University's module DD801 Principles of social and psychological inquiry is a key component in a number of postgraduate qualifications, including:

At the end of the module, students are asked to choose between three further modules to continue their studies.

DD802 Investigating forensic psychology
This module follows several criminal cases to explore forensic psychology and its application to understanding, preventing and detecting crime. Topics include investigative decision making, witness memory, profiling, lie detection, terrorism, violent crime, sexual offences and cybercrime.

DD803 Evaluating psychology: research and practice
This module examines how psychology research fosters understanding and helps to solve real-world problems in the home, the workplace and society. The wide range of topics from cognitive, social, counselling and forensic psychology includes leadership and distracted driving, motherhood and monogamy, psychotherapy and counselling, and policing and witness interviewing.

DD804 Crime and global justice
This module is separated into six subject blocks and builds gradually from conceptualisation in the earlier sections towards critical analysis and knowledge application in the latter blocks. The wide range of real-life topics draw on crime, harm and justice, and include terrorism, corporate crime, occupy movements, the dark web, poverty, imprisonment and human trafficking.

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