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Hospital: Dementia patients

Updated Wednesday, 12th July 2017

Dementia can be distressing for patients and their families. The Hospital team follow staff at St Marys as they respond health care needs - which might not be best suited to time spent at A&E.

Carl & Patricia

75-year-old Carl's dementia has dramatically worsened and his family take him to A&E after he becomes aggressive at home. Patricia, his wife of 25 years, looks after him without the help of carers, but is reaching breaking point. Carl is admitted to the hospital's specially designed dementia ward, developed in response to the fact that 25 per cent of medical patients now have some form of dementia.


85-year-old Stanley, who also has dementia, has had three admissions to St Mary's since January - this time, he was found wandering semi-naked by police and brought to A&E. Unpredictable and prone to outbursts of challenging behaviour, Stanley isn't coping well at home. His family are keen for the hospital to find him a nursing home place, but it won't be easy. Not every nursing home will have the skills and resources to manage Stanley's demanding behaviour.




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