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What are the connections between music and memory?

Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019

Hearing a particular song can take us back to a certain moment in our lives. In this interactive we're going to take a trip down memory lane, looking at songs from the past and exploring what music means to you.

We've looked into the connections between music and memory, and put together an interactive to help explain the links behind this area of mental health. Find out how much you know!

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Music and memory interactive image Creative commons image Icon By amigos3d on under Creative-Commons license Click on the image above to launch the interactive music and memory feature.


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Image and video acknowledgements

Interactive introduction page: Image CC0 Creative Commons by amigos3d on
Q1: Image copyright of Gail Stephen on
Q2: Image copyright-free from Wikipedia.
Q3: Image CC0 Creative Commons by stocksnap on
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