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New course: Supporting female performance in sport and fitness

Updated Monday, 15 August 2022

This brand new free course explores issues relating to women participating in sport and fitness.

New to OpenLearn: a course focusing on women in sport and fitness.

Do you support women’s performance in sport or fitness as a coach or parent? Are you a female athlete who wants to optimise your performance using recent research insights? If so, then this free course is for you. It addresses the problem of sports science research traditionally being male dominated and the assumption that if it works for men then it must work for women. It allows you to explore specific female physiological and psychological topics such as relationships between the menstrual cycle, breast support, pelvic floor health and physical performance. You will also find out more about how to effectively communicate with female athletes.

Watch the following video in which Emma Ross, from The Well HQ, introduces the course. Emma recently won the Gamechangers award at the Sunday Times Sports woman of the year event (2021).

PDF document Transcript 49.3 KB

The course is live at the following link:

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